Get Access To The
Worlds Premiere Marketing Network…

You’re a good marketer.

You may even be a great marketer.

Now it’s time to become the best marketer you can be.

I’m inviting you to join our elite networking group. The Agora Marketing Masters Group.

If you’re ready to step up, membership in this network could make your business tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue every month…

…It can stop you from making costly mistakes…

…And put your career in the ‘superstar’ lane.

When you join we’ll instantly connect you to the smartest, most successful marketing A-listers from all over the world.

People who have built seven and EIGHT-figure direct response businesses online.

And you’ll be able to ask them anything…

What’s working… and making money right now… and what isn’t…

What marketing strategies are being tested around the world… and which are about to be dropped…

Where you should spend more of your advertising dollars right now, and where you should spend less…

The best ways to acquire, monetize and retain tens of thousands of paying customers, every single month…

Join our global network and your direct response knowledge will grow rapidly. You’ll get good, fast.

Your profile and reputation will soar as you trade ideas with some of the industry’s biggest influencers. Your earning potential will rise, too.

And your business will grow… become more successful… more profitable… and more valuable as a result…

No other networking group in the world can make you a promise like this.

No other group can help you and your business succeed like we can.

We know more about the direct response game than anyone else.

Where do you think your NEXT big direct response breakthroughs will come from?

…The breakthroughs YOU will be using in YOUR business several months down the tracks?

Today, you get the chance to swap notes with our marketing experts

And steal precious MONTHS on your competitors.

If you’ve been in the direct response game for any length of time you’ll know who we are. And you’ll instantly know this could be an unbelievably good career move for you…

Membership of the Agora Marketing Masters group could help your business turn its annual revenue into its monthly income…

Check this out…

Before we started working with Great Escape Publishing, based out of Delray Beach, Florida, they hadn’t used AdWords to generate leads for years.

We showed Great Escape the new AdWords strategies some of The Agora’s biggest businesses were using to acquire tens of thousands of new subscribers every month.

They got right on it.

In just one year – you can see here – they acquired 65,223 new leads… and brought in over $300,000 in gross revenue. What if we could help YOU market YOUR products to nearly 60,000 new leads over the next 12 months?

How much money could you make for your business?

Okay… so what if you want a bunch of leads, but you haven’t got the budget for a big AdWords campaign?

Well, take a look here…

Southbank Investment Research, from London, reached out to their colleagues in The Agora network back in November 2016.

They wanted to increase the number of leads they were capturing organically – via their website.

Which meant: they needed more traffic.

You can’t get organic leads without traffic, right?

Our SEO experts audited one of Southbank’s sites.

We showed them where they could make a handful of quick, simple improvements.

They jumped on it.

Look what happened – Southbank’s site traffic went up by 398% in just five months!

You know what – I’m willing to bet we could help you do the same for your website right now.

Tell me, would you like the chance to acquire thousands of new FREE leads in the next five months?

Then listen up while I show you…

How to turn yourself from an outsider into a well-connected insider

I’ve been in this business for almost 20 years.

And I know that success comes from many factors.

Timing. Luck. Hard work… they’re all important.

But mostly, success in this industry comes from the valuable relationships you cultivate.

Relationships with smart, well-connected people.

People who know what they’re talking about. And who are willing to share what they know with you.

With the right connections, the right contacts, and the right information, you can become a superstar in this business.

I’ve seen so many marketers elevate their profile – and their earning power – over the years, just by associating themselves with the right people.

Accept my invitation to join the Agora Marketing Masters group and you can start making these important connections right away.

If you’re a smart, ambitious marketer or entrepreneur, you’ll know…

…Spending even a short amount of time talking to the right person can make a huge difference to your business and your career.

Just one big idea… one lead generation breakthrough… one new or improved marketing funnel… could mean tens of thousands of dollars in extra revenue for your business every month.

But not just that…

Join our private marketing network and you could cut out virtually all of the idea ‘incubation’ time in your business…

Let me ask you…

  • What would it mean for your lists if you knew how to use Facebook and AdWords to acquire more than 5,000 qualified new customers every month?

  • What would it mean for your bottom line if you knew a simple way to add an average of 20% additional revenue to every single campaign you launch?

  • What would it mean for your stress levels if you knew a campaign was likely to fly before you launched it?

  • And what would it mean for your career if you were responsible for several back-to-back home-run campaigns over the next year?

Membership of our Masters Group gives you the chance to swap notes with A-list marketers around the globe in real time…

…To learn about breaking developments in this fast moving industry – and what they might mean for your business – at the same time we do…

…To finally understand how the best direct response marketers in the world are able to consistently generate world class marketing ideas – and test them fast…

…And to use the results of Agora Marketing Masters members’ testing in your campaigns

I’m talking about connecting with world-renowned ‘A-list’ marketers.

Are you ready to embrace everything that would mean for you? Perfect.

Then I want you in our group*.

*Provided you qualify (details coming up)

Hi, I’m Brian York, Director of Agora Integrated Marketing (AIM)

Brian AIM

For the last 16 years I’ve run and advised marketing teams for businesses in The Agora network.

When one of these businesses wants to build a huge audience of qualified customers, but they’re not sure where to start, or how much they should be paying… I’m the guy they call.

When they want to get their existing customers to pay them more… and stick around for longer… I’m the guy they call.

When they get slapped down by Google… or suspended by Facebook… and they don’t know what to do next… I’m the guy they call.

When they’re trying to figure out how to create lead generation funnels that fit perfectly with their product, pricing and CPA strategies… guess what?

I’m the guy they call.

I’m the guy who can…

Get you a quicker ROI from AdWords…

Improve customer engagement on your website…

Get you on the first page of Google—and KEEP you there…

Help you acquire tens of thousands of high-potential buyers through Facebook…

Reduce your abandon rate on an order form by 15% or more…

Show you an upsell strategy that converts upwards of 50% of buyers…

Quickly show you your allowable acquisition cost

Increase your ‘average cart value’ by 25% or more

Show you when to scale up a campaign and when to hold back… (sometimes this is counterintuitive)

Help you develop offers that are insanely profitable (and almost guarantee repeat sales)

Find your next 25,000 paid subscribers

And more. Way more.

This is the kind of highly specialized knowledge that can create a seven-figure business in a year or two from scratch.

I know because I’ve helped many businesses do exactly that.

The thing is, as I’m sure you know very well…

Digital marketing changes

If you want to enjoy this kind of success, consistently – especially in direct response – you HAVE to keep up with these changes.

No choice: you have to be prepared to try new channels. And test new campaign ideas. You have to be brave, take risks and SPEND MONEY.

Otherwise – it’s simple: your competitors will overtake you… and steal your market share.

These last few years we’ve seen an explosion in digital marketing breakthroughs.

Facebook… AdWords… native… third-party ad networks… every week it seems like some other new development, app or platform is THE thing to try.

So a couple of years ago I founded AIM – a marketing agency that is part of the Agora network of businesses.

Part of my goal with AIM was to identify and test these emerging platforms and tools quickly… spend money on the successful stuff… and stay at the top of the markets.

Now, back in the day, when I saw a breakthrough result from a new platform, channel or format test, a flurry of emails would fly around the world…

Other publishers wanted to know: how did they do it? What copy did they use? What did they test? What was the offer? The price? And more.

It was clunky. Multiple threads would emerge. The conversation would become fragmented.

Keeping on top of all of that was as difficult as keeping up with the breakthroughs themselves!

AIM was my way of formalizing things.

To replace the email blizzard, I founded a private Facebook group.

This group quickly became the place to share testing ideas, experiences, results and campaign analysis.

It truly is a global network of talent and expertise that every top-gun marketer can benefit from.

In fact, it has become our most useful resource.

That’s why I’m delighted to announce we’re relaunching it – as an all-new private marketing network – with even more benefits for members…

Join today and you’ll get …

  • Instant access to our all-new Facebook group – your chance to hang out and swap ideas and results with A-List marketers from around the globe…

  • An exclusive Monthly Webinar – where you’ll learn the quickest way to incorporate specific, expert-level digital marketing techniques into your business…

  • A members-only weekly podcast – more timely and niche than the webinar, we’ll solve the kinds of nagging marketing problems you face every day at work…

  • A private eLetter – where you’ll learn about urgent ad network changes, platform updates and new marketing developments that are coming down the pike… and how they might affect your business.

Put another way, you’ll get all the help you need to market your business effectively online – from the world leaders in direct response marketing.

I’ll give you more detail on what’s included with your membership of our exclusive group in just a moment.

There are a couple of other exciting benefits I can’t wait to tell you about. Things you just can’t get from anyone else.

If you’re an ambitious marketer… entrepreneur… or busy freelancer – this is one of the best deals you’ll ever hear about.

Raise your profile… boost your earning potential… AND gain a competitive advantage in your market…

Exciting, huh?

When you first join, I expect you to use the networking group in the same way we do: to quickly find out what’s working in direct response around the world – and what isn’t.

That could be a new style of promotion. A new ad format. A third party channel no one else is testing…

…It could be a new social platform. A different way to use video on a welcome page or order form… anything.

Sharing the results of our testing means members have the potential to save a bunch of money on their campaigns… not to mention hours of their valuable time.

I imagine that would be useful to you too.

But it’s way more than that.

Members of our group also alert one another to new platform developments…

New ad-networks. SEO and Google ranking breakthroughs… email deliverability studies… new social media campaign tools…

You name it, one of our businesses has tried it – and can talk you through what they’ve learned.

We’ve Christened our A-lister group:
‘Agora Marketing Masters’

Could you benefit from joining a high-level marketing group like this?

Because let me tell you…

This is exactly the kind of network you need to join if you want to reach the top as a direct response marketer, online publisher, superstar copywriter or ambitious entrepreneur.

Our private back-channel helps keep marketers at the top of their game across the globe.

We can help you get there too.

You see, for the first time ever, we’re offering marketers from outside the Agora network the chance to join our inner circle.

You might be one of our direct competitors.

No problem.

Provided you meet our membership criteria, you’re welcome in. (Yes, really)

You might be a freelance marketer looking to blitz your rivals and give a real edge to your clients…

Or an entrepreneur who wants to build a new business fast…

(Or grow an existing one to the point where it’s making so much money you can afford to step back from it).

You might run a marketing team somewhere – and need an injection of new ideas…

You might even be one of our own

Someone who’s ambitious… inquisitive… and competitive.

You want to improve your career prospects within the Agora network of businesses.

No problemo.

As long as you’re not a brand-new starter – and you can satisfy a couple of non-negotiable requirements – you’re welcome too.

Bottom line:

If it’s more subscribers you want… better performing ads… higher converting emails… more responsive sales copy…

…Or if you want to acquire knowledge and skills that will vastly improve your career prospects…

You need to join the Agora Marketing Masters group.

Let’s get to something important.

Now if I’m right about you, you will JUMP at the chance to mix with the best online marketers around the globe.

You’ll know that being a member of our group could add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line…

…and boost your career prospects a thousand-fold.

That being said, I have to be fair to our top people and make you aware of our expectations – before we get to the application form.

Please pay close attention…

Let’s start with who we don’t want:

  • NOC-Listers. If you’re a ‘task-driven’ marketer… or you have to run every decision past ten different people… or you’re thinking this could be a way to have our members do all the work to improve your business… this isn’t going to work out.

  • NO rank ‘newbies’. Our members use tools and terminology only advanced-level marketers would understand and know how to act on quickly. Respectfully; this isn’t a ‘101 course’. If you’re just starting out, there are plenty of learning resources for beginner digital marketers on the web. Come back and apply again in 12 months’ time.

  • NO annoying ‘know-it-alls’. If you’re a smart-ass who takes pleasure in calling people out… or you think you know everything about digital marketing and you’re looking forward to ‘schooling’ us, don’t bother. This stuff changes all the time. Some of us have been at this 20 years or more and we’re still learning every day. That’s the whole point of the network!

Be honest – does any of this describe you?

If it does, truthfully; it’s better that you stop reading.

Hit the ‘X’ in the top corner of this window and get back to your day. There’s no point in applying to join our group – you’d be wasting your time. And mine, for that matter. But if you’re not a C-lister… a rookie… or a smart-ass, great!

Let me tell you the type of marketer we’re looking for.

It’s a…

  • YES if you’re a smart, ambitious marketer. If you’re inquisitive, competitive, a potential disrupter and an eternal optimist, you’re welcome here

  • YES if you’re prepared to open your mind to new and alternative ways to market your products and services online. Like I said, this stuff changes all the time. The most successful marketers also happen to be the most progressive thinkers. We want like-minds in our group. People with the courage to spend money to test new and unproven ideas…

  • YES if you promise to fully engage with our network This is non-negotiable. If you’re accepted into the group you need to show up and put in the effort. I strongly recommend you check in with our group every working day. And contribute your ideas, feedback and results at least weekly.

If you’re nodding at this point something must feel right to you… you want to associate yourself with the best…

So let me get on and show you what you get as a member of the Agora Marketing Masters network…

1) Access to the Agora Marketing Masters Private Facebook Group

facebook logo

Facebook is where Agora Marketing Masters members hang out to swap ideas and results.

In our private, members-only group, you’ll be able to discuss marketing, campaign, format and testing ideas with people who do the same job as you…

…And share your specific successes and failures with professionals who not only understand what you’re trying to do… but can offer suggestions for improvement.

You can expect complete transparency from this group.

There are no ‘information hoarders’ here.

We all want the same thing:

To learn how to create and execute successful marketing campaigns…

…and to quickly understand what worked and what didn’t.

Join, and we expect YOU to share your best ideas too.

  • What are you trying right now?
  • What new platforms or formats are showing promise?
  • What’s working? And why?
  • What failed? And why?
  • What’s your next test?

Our private Facebook page is where you’ll hear about the very latest developments in Google, social media, LinkedIn, promotional formats and SEO – as they break.

I’m not kidding when I say…

You’ll learn about these the exact same time we do

And we’ll quickly figure out and show you what any new developments mean for your business.

In the past, we’ve responded quickly to changes in Google’s editorial policy… and Facebook’s notoriously finicky advertising guidelines.

When one of the big ad platforms changes its rules (often overnight) we’ve been able to minimize damage to our businesses, and get them back up and running – within 2-3 days (where others have been shut down for weeks – sometimes permanently…)

Often, Google or Facebook themselves will tell us the best way forward! (we have great relationships with both).

  • There have been times where we’ve shown our network how to sidestep new directives without damaging their customer acquisition strategy. (Much of the time these directives sound worse than they actually are… but you have to know what you’re doing)

  • Other times we’ve advised our network to pause their campaigns… until they address certain things on their website, ads or landing page. We identify what those are, and give members an action plan to put things right.

We’ve even figured out how to turn a potential disaster into a great marketing opportunity…

For example, when Google suddenly outlawed linking to so-called ‘squeeze pages’ from AdWords ads back in 2011…

…we learned that adding ‘unsubscribe’, ‘FAQ’ and ‘privacy policy’ links to the landing page got us around the problem.

We worked WITH Google to figure this out.

Our ‘preferred account’ status ensured campaigns that had been suspended because of this ‘page violation’ were quickly reinstated.

Had we not acted, our online lead generation activity would have been cut by 75% around the world

…for God knows how long.

Can you see the benefits of knowing the right people?

It’s taken us several years – not to mention millions upon millions of dollars in advertising spend – to build up great relationships with Google and Facebook.

It means, as crazy as it sounds, they often advise us on what to do when they change their policies.

If you run a business or a marketing team – and either AdWords or Facebook are your main advertising channel…

…This one resource alone could save you tens of thousands of dollars a month in lost income.

You know as well as I do: those guys can shut you down in a heartbeat – and without warning.

All of a sudden your main source of leads has vanished.

Your monthly revenue targets are under threat.

And you have some difficult questions to answer…

We can help you get reinstated fast…

Join the Agora Marketing Masters group and you’re only a Facebook post away from knowing exactly what to do when disaster strikes your campaigns.

But there’s so much more to joining our private group than finding out the big stuff – like policy changes – before everyone else.

The Masters network is online around the clock, sharing emerging marketing ideas with each other…

Ideas that could be the major breakthroughs of tomorrow.

Ideas like…

  • How to dominate HALF of the first page on Google…

  • The top 3 colors to use for CTA buttons in 2017…

  • What changes to the Facebook pixel mean to your leadgen efforts…

  • How to use a webinar as a successful lead magnet…

  • Whether ‘smart display ads’ convert better than GDN campaigns…

  • What ad blockers in Chrome mean for your tracking and remarketing efforts…

  • ‘Timed’ vs ‘exit’ pop ups – which convert better?

  • Why page loading speed on your mobile site will soon be a Google ranking factor…

  • How much you should spend with Google to acquire a new customer… and more…

You just can’t get this kind of intel anywhere else.

Not in real time, anyway.

Imagine – finally being able to get fast, credible answers to the big marketing challenges you face every day.

Think about how this could impact your productivity…

Not to mention getting an ongoing stream of new ideas that will make you look like a marketing super-brain when you take them back to your business.

Our members use the Facebook group as a tool to share marketing breakthroughs you can test quickly.

But sometimes, you need a more thorough understanding of a particular technique, ad platform or reporting tool…

Especially if it’s something that’s going to cost you money to test.

Join today and you also get…

2) Free Entry to The Agora Marketing Masters Monthly Web Summit

Webinar image

Every month, we will put out an hour-long webinar – for Masters members only.

We’ll show you the quickest way to incorporate specific, expert-level marketing techniques into your business.

Here’s what’s included in the monthly program:

Masterclass Strategy Sessions

  • Agora Integrated Marketing social media expert, Grant Perry, and I will discuss lead generation, paid and free. We’ll help you find your next 25,000 subscribers. You’ll learn exactly where you get the best clickthrough rates for your buck online – if you have a lot of money to spend or hardly any.

  • You’ll discover when you should expect your newly acquired paid leads to break-even, depending on your product strategy… and when high volume cheap traffic is bad news for your business…

  • We’ll talk about offers… what new hooks are we seeing a lot of? What have we seen the last of? What offers sell high but also refund high? What are the best types of offers for entry-levelhigh-priced services… and more

  • We’ll talk about pricing.. gauntlets… the psychology behind abandon cart campaigns, auto-responder upsells, lead magnets… you name it.

  • We’ll show you how to qualify subscribers that are more likely to buy… how to foster greater engagement with your audience… How to cut your unsubscribes and cancellations in half…

  • …And how to create product funnels that make sense to your business AND sell by the bucket load…

You won’t find any dry theory in our
Masterclass sessions.

Man… I’ve sat through more of these online webinars and tutorials than I care to remember.

Believe me – I know how boring they can be.

We know your time is valuable. We won’t waste a second of it. I can promise you that.

Each one of our strategy sessions will be practical and actionable.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to put these ideas straight to work in your business… and start reaping the results immediately.

Occasionally, our monthly webinar will take the form of a…

Round-table marketing critique

This is how the Agora Marketing Masters network gets ‘hands-on’ with your business.

As a Masters member you can submit your landing page… video ad.. abandon notes… order form… home page… keyword strategy… promo headline…

…Anything you like…. anything you’re having trouble with… anything you can’t figure out.

Grant, myself and other marketing, copy and editorial experts will critique your submission, in depth, live on camera.

We’ll show you…

  • Where you can make quick improvements.
  • What you need to include and what you can cut
  • And at the end we’ll give you an action plan you can enact right away.

Would something like this improve your marketing campaigns?

I think so. But before you sign up and send me a bunch of stuff to look at, please note: it’s not in our nature to pull punches. And it doesn’t do you any good either.

You want our feedback, you’ll get it, warts-and-all. But I can promise you: any criticism will be fair and constructive.

testimonial GEP

We want to help you succeed.

As part of our monthly webinar program you’ll be able to watch…

Live demos, updates and walk-throughs

Whenever there’s an update to the AdWords UI…

Or a policy update changes how you can target potential subscribers…

Or Facebook brings out a new remarketing tool… Or anything like that…

…We’ll show you how the new version works.

I mean, literally show you, with a ‘walkthrough’ video.

For example, if something you do every day in AdWords disappears from its regular menu after an update, we’ll show you where to find it in the new version.

We’ll go through every new feature of the up

dated version – and show you all the cool things you can do with them.


Whenever a new leadgen channel… promo format… order device… landing page… or type of ad is being used successfully, we’ll show you, on-screen, exactly how it works.

Next… When a potentially groundbreaking new marketing tool, app or channel launches, we’ll demo it, review it and show you what it can do.

I’m talking about things like:

  • Facebook’s remarketing pixel
  • Smart display ads
  • LeadPages
  • Listrak
  • Wistia
  • LinkedIn Matched Audiences
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

You could blow your entire marketing budget on every fancy new plug-in and app that claims to save you time and get you better results – right?

Well, with our live demos, you won’t have to.

We’ll only ever recommend the marketing tools and platforms we think are genuinely worth the investment.

Remember – we know the direct response business better than anyone else.

So take advantage!

Use our vast knowledge and experience to save yourself a bunch of money, time and hassle.

I would if I were in your shoes.

Seriously: in a one-hour web summit you could come away with ten or more ‘takeaways’… marketing ideas you could incorporate into your business right away.

Just ONE of these ideas could make your business many times the small membership fee I’ll tell you about in a moment.

So that’s our monthly web summit covered.

You’ll also get…

3) Access to the AIM Weekly ‘MasterCast’

Mastercast image

These exclusive once-a-week podcasts will be more timely and niche than our monthly webinar.

We’re going to cover one specific challenge per show.

And we’re going to solve the kinds of nagging problems you face every day at work.


How many hours have you spent searching Google for answers to questions like:

  • How do I get a Facebook campaign to pay for itself?

  • How can I quickly find out my allowable CPA?

  • How can I target keywords that will rocket my site up the Google rankings?

  • What’s the optimal length for a content piece– and how many should I post every day?

  • What offer should I send to my newest subscribers?

  • How regularly should I clean my email list?

  • What’s the best day to send marketing emails?

  • Is 700x300 still the best ad size for clickthroughs?

  • Is it right to put an exit pop on my order form?

  • Should I record a welcome video for my home page?

  • Why are 3 out of every 4 visitors leaving my site seconds after landing on it?

  • Can I still market to ‘expires’ on my list?

  • Where should I put a sign-up box on my home page?

  • What deals should I make with other list owners?

We’ll answer all of these questions for you – and many more – on our weekly marketing ‘MasterCast’.

And we’ll bring in experts from across the info marketing world to share their own specific experiences, ideas, successes and best practices with you.

We can call upon some of the smartest SEO experts… copywriters… designers… coders… AdWords specialists… funnel creators… dealmakers… you name it.

testimonial Empiricus

Think about what you’d like to know about your business.

Get as specific as you like.

As a Masters member, you can email or post your question any time – and we’ll get to it on the show.

I know we can solve your marketing problem – however ‘niche’ you think it is.

We have decades of experience, remember. So even if you think the problem is unique to you, I’ll bet we’ve run into it before.

You can tune in to the MasterCast from your desk with your account screen open… or while you take a lunchtime stroll… even on your commute home.

Remember: this is member-only content. The MasterCast will not be put up on iTunes, Stitcher or anywhere else.

There’s one other thing you’re going to get when you join today…

4) Free subscription to the ‘Agora Masters Insider’ weekly email

email image

Here’s where we update you to urgent ad network changes, platform updates and new marketing developments that are coming down the pike.

We’re always among the first to hear about these.

And with the help of our network of contacts we can quickly digest the update, figure out the consequences, and send you actionable advice you can give straight to your team.

We do this in our weekly Insider email.

This is one subscription you’ll want to keep.
Trust me.

In addition to important updates, Insider will share breakthrough ideas to help grow your business and maintain your advantage in the market.

We’ll show you the best ways to find and target thousands of hungry customers…

…and the product funnels that will have your competitors lining up to be your affiliates…

You know that feeling you get when you try something new and it starts working for you?

You get a tingle of excitement when you refresh your Clickbank page or PayPal account screen… because something you’ve done is starting to take off…

I’ve had it lots of times.

Typically, the first thing I say is:

“We should have been doing this months ago…”

That’s exactly how the Insider email will make you feel, every week.

Each email you get will either address a challenge you face every day or solve a problem you’ve had on your plate for weeks.

You’ll discover:

And WAY more…

I will confidently say: the Insider is the last marketing email you’ll ever have to sign up to.

Once you get on the circulation list, you’ll be able to liberate your cluttered inbox from all of the other digital marketing emails you currently subscribe to.

Seriously: you won’t need to read anything else.

We’ll automatically add you to the Insider list when you join the Agora Marketing Masters Group

And I almost forgot – as a member of our private networking group you’ll also get…

First Call on AIM Event tickets – AND a sizeable discount on the entry price

Earlier this year we ran our first ever Agora Integrated

Marketing conference in West Palm Beach, Florida. We called it: ‘Digital Innovation Summit 2017’ .

We had more than 100 marketers from all over the world attend our exclusive event at the beautiful West Palm Beach Marriott.

We covered A LOT of ground over two days.

How best to target your audience… how to strengthen the back end of your eCommerce site… tips on how to acquire valuable ‘organic’ names… the best ways to list-build with social media… and way more.

We even had representatives from Google and Facebook present… and run ‘breakout’ workshops, where they showed delegates how to get the most out of their advertising platforms.

(You see what I mean – we can get you in the same room with these guys!)

We were determined to present all our ideas in the simplest way we could.

Because we wanted our guests to go back to their businesses armed with a number of new digital marketing techniques they could try right away.

conference Brian speaking image

I must say, I was delighted with the response we got.

We haven’t set a date – or decided on a venue – for our next event yet. But we’re narrowing down themes as I write this.

Join the Agora Marketing Masters group today and I’ll make sure you get first call on tickets…

Plus, you’ll get a members-only discount on the entry price.

As well as official events we hold…

Quarterly ‘Masters Meet-ups’

Here’s a weird irony.

We do practically all of our work online.

But our most valuable ideas are ALWAYS shared face to face.

Nothing beats meeting up with fellow Masters members after hours to chew over campaign ideas… explore exciting breakthroughs… and talk results – in the flesh.

You’ll be amazed. A five-minute bar conversation with another Masters member could easily turn into your next million-dollar marketing campaign. I’ve seen it happen so many times.

A least once a quarter, we hold a ‘Masters Meet-up’, somewhere in the world. Usually in a bar or hotel – because we like these get-togethers to feel social and intimate. Let’s face it, we all spend a LOT of time in offices.

You should know: our meetups aren’t meetings.

They’re informal get-togethers.

It’s your chance to get to know people in your industry… to network… to form valuable connections… and to make new friends – in a relaxed setting.


Over the next 12 months you could be joining us for…

Wherever we are, from Shanghai to Sao Paolo… Delray to Dublin, we’ll shoot you a heads up in plenty of time so you can come on down and join us.

Now, you’re probably wondering what it costs to join our private network…

Well, let me ask you:

I’ll tell you what it costs to join our network in a second. And don’t worry – as a Charter Member, you can expect a great deal.

How much does it cost to join the Agora Marketing Masters Network?

I’d love you to become a charter member of our group – and to be among the first to take advantage of this exciting career and business development opportunity.

Let’s take a look at what you’re getting when you join today…

  • You’re going to be able to model the world’s best campaign ideas… format tests… AdWords and social media lead gen strategies… landing page designs… order devices… and more…

  • You’re going to be able to launch marketing campaigns that have already benefited from rigorous testing… with a greater degree of confidence in the result…

  • And – best of all – you’re going to make valuable connections with some of the smartest direct response marketers in the world. Innovators. Disrupters. Influencers… People who can have a hugely positive effect on your career.

With all that in mind – the investment I’m asking for today is just $1,997.

That’s your annual Masters membership fee, at the official group rate.

Here’s what you get for that:

All this… the keys to the kingdom… for under $5.50 a day.

If you’re an ambitious, pro-marketer, I know you’ll be super keen at that price.

Join now, and you’ll get access to all of that direct response knowledge, experience and expertise for a fraction of what it’s worth to your business…

…Not to mention the free testing and campaign analysis that could save you tens of thousands of dollars (not to mention untold stress, hassle and heartache) over the next 12 months.

Look, whichever way you want to slice it, you’re getting an awesome deal here.

Now let me make it even sweeter…

CHARTER MEMBER OFFER: The first 250 respondents to this letter get $1,000 OFF today

We want to make sure that every new Masters member gets full value from their membership.

So we’re limiting our charter member intake to 250.

It’s important you take that in.

Once we hit that limit from this campaign, we’ll close the doors… run the group privately for a few months… see how things go… before re-opening the group to new members.

If you don’t make the cut this time, you’ll be placed on a waiting list (ordered on a first-come-first-served basis).

If you end up on the waiting list we’ll contact you by email if and when a membership becomes available.

We’re doing this because we want your Masters membership to be as useful as possible to you.

It’s important to me that you always feel like you’re getting maximum value from our group.

(Of course, the only way to make sure you get maximum value from your membership is to actively participate in conversations with your fellow members. And regularly share your ideas, experiences and results…

And if you don’t, well, like I said, we’ll have hundreds more marketers on a waiting list who will jump at the chance.)

Now 250 is a small number, I know that. And of course, we expect the first intake to sell out fast.

Especially because, for our Charter Member intake, we’re reducing the membership price by A THOUSAND DOLLARS.

That’s more than HALF OFF – for the first 250 advanced-level marketers to join our networking group.

It means that everything we’ve talked about today is yours, for the discounted rate of just $997 a year.

And get this.

As long as you’re one of the first 250 marketers to respond to this invitation, that’s all you’ll ever pay, every year you renew your membership.

It’s our one-time ‘Charter Member’ offer… and it won’t be available for long. Once we get 250 new Masters members signed up, the introductory rate of $997 will not be made available again… ever.

Don’t miss out. To qualify for this offer… and the special, discounted price… just click here:


(You can review everything on the next page before committing)

You should also be clear: this is a CHARTER MEMBER offer.

The cost to join today reflects that.

Please understand: It is not going to cost $997 to join our elite networking group ever again.

If this still feels like a ‘no’ to you, by all means, turn it down.

But if, by some small chance, you see membership of the Agora Marketing Masters group offered again in the future, let me assure you; it will certainly cost more to join than the $997 special charter price. At least double. Maybe more.

So what are you waiting for?

A better offer?

I know for a fact you could spend TWICE the money to join another networking group that doesn’t have HALF the credibility we have.

That’s why I totally stand behind everything I’m offering you today

I’m also well aware that you can find plenty of free marketing advice available elsewhere on the Internet.

So… why should you pay us?

Man oh man – there’s so much I could say to that!

So I’ll just say this.

You could spend all day reading free digital marketing tips online…

…and still not be ANY clearer about the best way forward for your business or campaign.

More likely you’ll be overwhelmed.

Look, you are a busy marketing professional.

Your time is precious.

You don’t need ‘information overload’.

You need clarity and direction

You’ll get that from our group.

Remember: we want to help you succeed.

It’s in our interests to share intel that a) works and b) you can act on quickly.

And look, if at any time, you feel something isn’t clear… or you’re frustrated for some other reason… send an email or note via Facebook.

I’m certain one of your fellow Masters members will pitch in and help you out.

That’s what we do for each other.

If we can’t do that to your satisfaction, you can cancel your membership of our group and claim a pro-rated refund of your fee, anytime.

It comes down to this…

If you want to be an elite digital marketer you have a duty to keep up with the latest trends, platforms, formats and technology.

Now it’s not impossible to do all that on your own.

But it’s difficult.

As newer and more sophisticated marketing tools emerge you’ll find it harder and harder to keep up with industry leaders.

You’ll fall behind.

At the same time, others will come up fast.

This is a highly competitive business. New, ambitious people join the industry all the time.

If you want to be an A-list performer in this industry… stay at the top… and command the big bucks… the only way is to invest in yourself.

Now, sure, you have options.

But the only option that makes sense is to join the Agora Marketing Masters group.

Simply: you will make the best contacts in the industry. Seriously, it can take YEARS to find people like ours. Often, you can go your whole career without getting an “in”.

This is yours

We will teach you the platinum standard for direct response marketing.

And show you how to apply it to your market… to put you way out of the reach of your competition.

We will share the newest, hottest digital marketing ideas – so we all make way more money than we could ever do by ourselves.

And you’ll always know the information is reliable, because it comes from our private network.

Like I keep saying: wonderful things can happen when you start mixing with the right people.

If you really want to make a difference in your business and your career, join us

I look forward to connecting with you…


Brian York, Managing Director
Agora Integrated Marketing


You can review everything on the next page before committing.

PS… Your career can go any way you want it to. It’s all a matter of making the right decisions as you go.

If it feels right to you to align yourself with the best marketers in the industry then don’t worry – this IS the right decision!

Whatever you do, if you feel like this is your industry: don’t sit on your hands. Make the career progress you deserve. We’re all in agreement here at Agora Integrated Marketing: this is a genuinely exciting time in digital marketing. Don’t be one of those people who falls behind. Come innovate with us!